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What We Do

Write Right Media specialises in writing, research, editing and media services. No job is too small or too large for us to consider. We have, to date, either as a Company, or individually:

  • Researched, written and published (as at 11 November 2013) two books on regional history
  • Written pamphlet copy and provided images to include in the design process
  • Written website copy and provided images to complement the product
  • Edited and/or written for widely circulated journals/magazines in a diverse range of disciplines
  • Edited content for the creation of manuals
  • Photographed events/locations/wildlife/pets
  • Sourced material for inclusion in various journals/magazines
  • Digitised and edited photographs
  • Created in-house filing procedures
  • Researched across the broad fields of educational pedagogy, various historical events,  family history, current events and general interest topics
  • Conducted interviews with persons to obtain oral recounts
  • Uploaded edited or written content to websites using Joomla and Dreamweaver

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