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Write Right Media specialises in writing, research, editing and media service; with a focus toward family history, genealogy and military history.


  • Researched, written, and published (June 2021) three books on local military history.
  • Wrote (June 2021) four books on local family histories.
  • Interviewed clients and family members and typed up associated notes.
  • Sourced material for inclusion in family history and military history publications, including extensive genealogical research.
  • Digitised and edited photographs.
  • Photographed events/locations/items of interest/photos/people.
  • Graphic design for six books on local family histories and military histories.
  • Arrange publication printing of designed books.
  • Transfer of VHS to DVD/Flash Drive.
  • Used Muse to design websites and upload websites using Dreamweaver.

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