Family History


Write Right Media believes in the value of stories. We also believe so much in the value of family that we have combined the concepts so as to bring to you a business that delights in pulling together all the strands of storytelling, genealogy and imagery. Our publications are carefully and lovingly crafted to focus on the story you want to tell:  about YOU, YOUR FAMILY or YOUR ASSOCIATION.


To date we have researched, interviewed, written and graphic designed four books including:

  • The Vic Melbourne Story.
  • Sylvia Cullen Woodley of Wallabadah and Tamworth.
  • Into the Sunshine, The Bartholomew and Hanson Families in Australia.
  • The Woodleys of Nundle and Tamworth.


Works currently under construction for:

  • The Carolan family of Burren Junction
  • The Woollard family of Tamworth.


With a flat rate of $60 per hour flat rate fee being charged for all research, interviewing, writing, editing, proofing, photography and scanning, the price of your family’s story is at your fingertips.